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This is where Gamers use their Heads! Answering questions, developing theories and discussing the universes!


I am a music and gaming nerd who makes a series called Indirect Consequences where I discuss how one person or thing has indirectly helped or fueled something else. Also, there’s roots, which digs into the roots of a game to find it’s philosophical meaning. Finally, there’s Chat, which is uploaded sporadically and will either be an interview with a fellow YouTuber podcast style, or will be me chatting with you guys about a thought I’ve had recently.


Pokemon Masters, Bird Keeper Toby here and I Love Pokemon. My job is to bring to you the best kinds of Pokemon videos every Tuesday on my Channel. So please be sure to subscribe, you won’t want to miss anything!


Just another Pokémon/Zelda Youtuber. I make videos covering (made up) facts, speculations, gameplay and more.