Meet The Team

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A man with endless dreams and an ambition that is somewhat nonexistent, Chris Fischer is the main editor, writer, producer, and creator of Chronicles. While sometimes he may not work as hard as he should be, most of the time really, he hopes to bring Chronicles to the forefront of quality online video production. From his early days as a simple Sakura Wars fanboy and devote fan of All Your History Are Belong To Us, Chris has had always had a passion for learning about this history behind his favorite franchises and seeking out who the creators of these masterpieces were. Chronicles is only the first of the many plans he has on the horizon. Whether they fail or succeed is determined only by his enthusiasm for his work. And he sure does love it.


A fan of gaming for most of his life and a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, Jamison Leahy is the main writer and editor of Debut. Though he is mediocre at writing, editing, coding, graphic design, narration, level design, problem solving, time management, and most video games, he still does his best to hone the skills that are actually relevant to Debut to create the highest quality content he can. When he isn’t busy with schoolwork, that is. Or video games, his personal favorites being Pokémon, Kirby, and Star Wars: KOTOR.