About Us

ChroniclesIcon.pngWhat is Chronicles? Chronicles is something different yet familiar. Something new yet classic. Something dramatic yet informative. Chronicles is a group of channels set to go against the mold that YouTube and other sites that exist across the Internet have created. Dramatic, haunting, saddening, and uplifting are just some of the many ways you could describe the content we try to craft every week. From the backstory of a franchise that everyone has come to love to one that has become misguided and tossed to the side like a piece of garbage, the stories behind our favorite pieces of media have various shades of grey that make them compelling in their own right, and that’s what we want to show. Entertainment isn’t created by just a single entity. The pieces of media that entertain us time and time again are only made possible by people like you and me. So come along, it’s time to chronicle the world. Our world.


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